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LED spotlights for swimming pools and gardens guarantee maximum safety and the greatest energy savings on the market. LED lighting is the only technology with A, A+ and A++ certificates.

Our spotlights, in stainless steel, extra-flat or PAR56 niche, have the most advanced LED chips, both aesthetically and functionally, achieving the highest rates of l/w. They have LEDs of first marks. They are the ones selected by the professionals of the sector for their guarantee and quality. 

Our spotlights, thanks to their aesthetic and functional advantages, are the newest products to illuminate your pool.

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Warmpool LED spotlights are widely used for:

  • Park Fountains
  • Swimming pool fountains
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Shows
  • Shopping centres
  • Fish ponds
  • Hotel Fountains
  • Sea aquariums
  • Beach fountains
  • Amusement Parks
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • All other LED illumination places

General Features

  1. They are long lasting, up to 100.000h.
    It is very difficult that this type of lights are melted; in addition they do not degrade with the ignition and extinguished of the same ones.
  2. Its price is very affordable.
  3. Its light is very bright.
  4. Great decorative element, 7 intense and very bright colors, including Snow White.
  5. Safe low voltage system (12v).
  6. Easy installation, you can replace the old spotlights by LED ones in minutes.
  7. The most economical system, reduces electricity consumption up to 80%.
  8. Easy and comfortable, controlled by a remote control system.
  9. We guarantee that the colors are synchronized and that the water does not enter them. 

Categories of LED Spotlights


Basic Line

Gardens and Outdoors

Accessories DMX-RDM

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