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Electrolyser Zodiac GenSalt OE

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GenSalt OE is the new Zodiac electrolyser with the highest quality and long lived self-cleaning titanium electrodes.
It has a Quick Fix System for an easy and quick installation of the cell, without any special tools required.
Available in three models OE10 (up to 40m³), OE17(up to 70m³) ET OE25 (up to 110m³)

Combinable with the pH regulation module pH “Perfect pH” for an optimum comfort bath.

Features and benefits

Zodiac Duration and reliability

* Cell made with last generation titanium electrodes which guaranties its exceptionally long life.
* One of the most durable electrolysers in its category: the cell can last up to 7500 hours.

Maximum simplicity for the installation

* GenSalt can be installed in only 10 minutes whatever the surroundings thanks to its patented system Quick Fix (installation kit included)
* Adaptable to any installations. Its compact design and waterproof case (certificate IPX5) makes it possible for this unit to be installed anywhere, even in very reduced spaces or in conditions of humidity.

Maintenance free and maximum security

* self-cleaning electrodes by reverse polarity, for a long life of the cell without any need of intervention form the user.
* Safety system with automatic stop in case of insufficient water flow in the cell.
* “lack of salt” indicator that reduces the chlorine production in order to protect the electrode.

Optimum bath comfort

* To obtain a good water quality, it is essential to have the basic parameters balanced (pH, Hardness…) as well as an efficient filtration system adapted to the pool and to the usage conditions.

* Consequently we recommend to combine the Zodiac GenSalt OE Electrolyser with the pH automatic regulator pH « pH Perfect »in order to obtain an exceptional bath comfort.(see related products).

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