Turbosoplant Pump

Bomba Soplante

Turbosoplant Pump


Bomba Turbosoplante


Air pump designed for spas, whirlpools and similar applications that produces bubbles by continuously pumping medium and high volumes of air.

It is also used to remove filter bed, in washing systems, or where a low airflow is needed.

The impeller, equipped with small fins, rotates inside the side channel causing the aspirated air to compress and accelerate, forming eddies that are dragged to the outlet. There are no parts in contact between the rotor and the stator; this means that the turbines do not require lubrication or ordinary maintenance.

Bomba turbosoplante


  1. Turbines suitable for continuous operation.
  2. Robust and reliable.
  3. Equipped with 50 / 60 Hz induction motors, low noise level and IP 54 protection.
  4. Easy vertical or horizontal installation.
  5. Long life.
  6. Supports ambient temperatures up to 40°C.
  7. Class F insulation.
  8. Conveyed air or gas free of any contamination.


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