Acrylic Waterfalls

Cascada Acrilica



  • High quality acrylic waterfalls
  • Water inlet from below
  • Immune to corrosion in all types of water
  • LED models include remote control and transformer
  • LED models with interchangeable LED strip


Warmpool waterfalls are widely used for:

Cascada Acrilica

Acrylic waterfalls

The waterfall is possibly the most striking decorative accessory for your pool or spa.

The movement of the water serves both to create a pleasant visual effect, a relaxing sound of moving water, as well as to provide a pleasant massage.

All this adds elegance and style to your pool.

We have different models to adapt to all installation needs.

Optionally have a strip of RGB LED light, which provides bright colors can be synchronized with the lighting system of your pool making the landscape even more attractive.

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  1. Two types of widths: 25 mm and 150 mm that adapt to different wall sizes.
  2. Five lengths: 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm perfect to create decorative combinations.
  3. High quality LED strip with RGBV+ 12V DC system, safe, reliable and flexible.
  4. It has several controllers for the LED lights, this allows its installation to be more flexible, being able to synchronize the illumination of the swimming pool, the garden and the waterfall or to make it independent.
  5. Several waterfalls can be installed to the same controller and transformer to act perfectly synchronized.
Cascada Acrilica

Product Details

Cascada Acrilica

Source cascade control box and remote controller 

The LED strip is built into the unit (instead of using fiber optics) so the light is placed as close to the water as possible.

This design creates a wonderful illumination for the water that falls into the pool. LED lighting effect allows you to create the best characteristics of luminous water in your hands.

Cascada Iluminada

Ofrecen un excelente efecto visual con una fina cortina de agua.

They offer an excellent visual effect with a fine curtain of water.

Water inlet underneath
​Available for 35mm or 150mm thick walls Note: this graph corresponds to the 600mm long waterfall. For a length of 900 mm 150% more flow is required and double for 1200 mm.

Cascada Acrilica

All sizes

cascadas acrilicas

Two types of reeds

cascadas acrilicas
cascadas acrilicas
Modelos 30cm
cascadas acrilicas
Modelos 120cm