Premium Line Ø12

Pool Iluminación

Spotlights Surface

Spotlights installed on surface, in a simple and fast way.

Premium Line Ø12

100% Resin

The Premium Line Ø12 presents a small spotlight with a diameter of 12 cm, with all the advantages of the Premium spotlight, but adapted for use in spa areas, stairways and small pools. The 100% resin filling of the latest generation guarantees the total watertightness of the spotlight, eliminating air from the interior and preventing the so common water leaks. In addition, the resin cools the LED panel and its connections preventing overheating, hinders the typical yellowing caused by the passage of time and enhances the brightness and colors. Body made of high quality ABS.

Size: Ø120*25 mm
LED: SMD2835
Rated Voltage: 12V AC/DC
Power: 10W
Colors: White 6000K / RGB 2 or 4 wires
Material: ABS body, 100% resin inside
Cord: 1,8 m.
Wire Type: 2 or 4 wires
Protection: IP68
Warranty: 3 years
Estimated Life: 50.000 hours
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100% Resin 10W White 6000K Surface Ø12 cm


100% Resin 10W RGB (2 wires) Surface Ø12 cm


100% Resina 10W RGBV (4 hilos) Superficie Ø12 cm

Sello UL
Sello ISO 9001