Premium Line Steel Resin

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Resin Spotlights

High-end spotlights, 100% resin filled with the latest generation of resin.

Premium Line Steel

100% Resin

The Premium Line Steel offers the highest quality and excellence. Its interior, filled with 100% resin of the latest generation, guarantees the total watertightness of the luminaire. The resin filling removes all the air from the interior, preventing water filtration, cooling the connections and the LED plate, preventing overheating and improving the brightness and color emitted. The trim is made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L, resistant to both salt water and chemicals. Extra slim design, only 1 cm thick.

Size: Ø230*10 mm
LED: SMD2835
Rated Voltage: 12V AC/DC
Power: 24W
Colors: White 6000K / RGB 4 wires
Material: AISI 316L steel, 100% resin inside
Cord: 1,8 m.
Wire Type: 2 or 4 wires
Protection: IP68
Warranty: 3 years
Estimated life: 50.000 hours
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316L Stainless Steel 100% Resin 24W White 6000K Surface


316L stainless steel 100% Resin 24W RGBV (4 wires) Surface

Sello UL
Sello ISO 9001