Mini-ABS Line

Pool Iluminación

Mini spotlights

Spotlights designed for spa areas, stairs and small pools

Mini-ABS Line

Suitable for all types of pools

The Mini ABS Line presents a spotlight made of top quality ABS and with a perfect size to illuminate small areas such as stairs, spa areas, beach areas or children's bathing areas. It includes the possibility of being installed in concrete pools through a niche (included) or in fiberglass and steel pools through a threaded installation. With a power of 3W, it is useful for lighting small bathing areas, granting them safety and adding elegance and design to the pool.

Size: Ø95*115 mm (without niche)
          Ø95*135 mm (with niche)
          Rosca Ø59 mm
LED: SMD2835
Rated Voltage: 12V AC
Power: 3W
Colors: White 6000K / RGB 2 wires
Material: White ABS body
Cord: 1,45 m.
Cable Type: 2-wire
Protection: IP68
Warranty: 3 years
Estimated Life: 50.000 hours
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3W White 6000K Suitable for all types of pools


3W RGB ON/OFF (2 wires) Suitable for all types of pools

Sello UL
Sello ISO 9001