Keeping your pool water in perfect condition is essential for enjoying quality, infection-free bathing. For this, saltwater chlorinators are the best option: efficient, low cost and easily automated.

This type of water treatment consists of adding sodium chloride to the pool water and, through the salt chlorination process, separating the chlorine from the sodium. The chlorine obtained disinfects the water and re-combines with the sodium, creating the salt again. Thanks to the salt chlorinators, this process is carried out in a constant and automatic way, which achieves the total elimination of bacteria and residues and the regular maintenance of optimum pH levels.

Enjoy your pool in the best conditions!

Consult the characteristics of each of our salt water chlorinators and get the maximum performance from your pool. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via the contact form, we will be happy to help you!