Warmpool products warranty

Warmpool commit themselves to offer a guarantee for all their products to cover manufacturing defects for a period of 2 or 3 years depending on the product, with exemptions of guarantee time extension or product/model exception.

The date of Guarantee starts the day that appears on the invoice. Warmpool guarantees the good functioning of their products, provided they were installed by a professional Warmpool authorized installer (Warmpool dealer or authorized technician service.)

Particular cases

Heat pump and dehumidifiers

Our warranty will not be valid in case the installation was done by a non-authorized professional.

Warranty gets extended:
THREE years for all new products installed by an authorized establishment when they are subject to a maintenance contract between an authorized establishment and the user, such warranty for life against the corrosion of the Titanium components.



All the electrolysers have a warranty, total and unconditional, of two to three years depending on the models.

Independently of the deterioration cause, during the warranty period, the control box as well as the cell will be changed or repaired.

In order to take advantage of the product warranty it is essential to present the warranty card or the invoice or otherwise the proof of warranty registry on our web page from your dealer or an authorized technical service.

Deficiencies caused by negligence, shock, improper use or manipulation, non-suitable tension where appropriate, or materials subject to wear and tear due to normal use shall be excluded from the deficiencies.
When the use of the guarantee is justified, it is opted for repair, replacement of the item, rebate or return, in the terms legally established.

The warranty will lose its value in cases where:
– Modify, alter or replace some of the same or the purchase invoice.
– If the identifier number or the device itself is handled or repaired without the technical service.
– If you do not have the purchase invoice.

Returns and exchanges

¿How to proceed?

According to what is stipulated in the law of royal decree 1/2007, November the 16th, which is in the revised text of the general law for the defence of consumers and users and other complementary laws,we inform the users of the following aspects.

All users can exercise their right of cancellation in the term of 14 natural days from the moment the product is received.

In those cases, Warmpool reserves its right to demand to the user to take care of the direct costs of returning the good.

If the order has not been delivered yet and you wish to cancel it, the full amount will be refund.

Returns and exchanges are not accepted if a notification has not been previously sent to Warmpool. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted for products developed or designed according to clients’ wishes( tailored products) or easily copied as well as consumables.

Returns and exchanges will not be accepted when the client has decided to finance the payment , since it is considered as a tailored product. 

In order to exercise the right to cancel, the user will have to carry out the following requirements:

1.-Apply by writing to the email address info@warmpool.eu.Indicating the order Number or some data to identify the purchase.

2.-The right to cancel an order requires that at all times the user returns the product to Warmpool just like it was delivered in the first place, without having being used and with the transport paid. As for the package, in case the product wasn’t returned in its original package, the good will suffer a depreciation. The client will have to send the product in a proper package, in such a way that it will be impossible to damage the product during transport, and he will assume the possible damages and responsibilities in case there was any. Warmpool will not admit the return when the good presents evident signs of having being used or damaged.

3.-Once the product is received, we will refund the quantity paid (conditioned in the point number 2) in the term of 15 days always in the same way as the client paid in the first place or by means of a bank transfer.

4.-Likewise and according to the article 45 of the real decree of the law 1/2007, it will not be possible to exercise the right to cancel when the product has been acquired and tailored according to the clients wishes , clearly personalised or , in because of the nature of the product, it cannot be returned or can be damaged or expire quickly.