Domestic PH chlorinators



  • High performance sealed power supply.
  • Elimination of fan: great resistance to corrosive environments and notable decrease in breakdowns.
  • User-friendly interface with backlit LCD display.
  • Wall mounting with independent stainless steel support.
  • Disconnectable power cable for quick service.
  • Nutless cell connection by means of thermo-rubber waterproof connector.
  • Software and electronics for pH control.

Wireless Pump

  • Independent metering pump with long range wireless control.
  • It allows its installation away from the chlorinator or outside the technical room to avoid damage by acid.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Very easy calibration and configuration through the chlorinator’s LCD screen.
  • Proportional control of dosage.
  • Flow rate: 4 l/min.
  • Pressure: 2.5 bar.
  • Acid level control.
  • Manual activation button.
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Clorador Domestico PH Wireless
Clorador Domestico PH Wireless
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