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Heat pumps are the most economical solution to heat your pool. Compact and silent, they are capable of delivering up to 6kw of heat to the water for each kW of electricity consumed.. 

In Warmpool can buy the  heat pump  you need to heat the water in your pool at the best price. We have the best brands in heat pumps for private, residential or public pools.

Find the most efficient and economical heat pump heating system to heat your pool water, either to prolong the season or for year-round climate control. We have a  special heat pump  for your pool that you can get with a simple installation and minimal maintenance. In a few hours, you will begin to enjoy a warm and pleasant bath with very low consumption: from less than € 2 per day of operation for water temperatures between 26º-29º.

All our heat pumps have titanium exchanger, which guarantees a perfect resistance to corrosion in salt water pools. 


The WARMPOOL heat pump for swimming pools, connected to the water treatment system, filter and water pump, absorbs the energy contained in the air which, with the help of the ecological refrigerant R-410A, transfers it to the pool water to reach the optimal comfort temperature and prolong the bathing season.

Advantages of the heat pump for swimming pools


Product Details

Refrigerant R-410A

The units use refrigerants that respect the environment.


Titanium exchanger

The exchanger that these units incorporate is made with titanium, which ensures greater durability and reliability compared to other conventional equipment.


Wide range of operation

The unit can operate in optimal conditions in a range of room temperature ranging from -7ºC to 43ºC.


Temperature regulation

The outlet temperature of the water can be regulated from 6ºC to 35ºC.