Neon Flex LED


Neón Flex LED

  • New Neon Flex LED strip with silicone body.
  • IP68 protection, suitable for use underwater and in your pool.
  • Really powerful, 12W/M White and 14W/M RGB, almost triple that of the competition.
  • It allows to illuminate in a uniform way any room of the house, garden or swimming pool.
  • Perfect for luminous signs in premises.
  • Continuous lighting, perfect, no dots.
  • RGB system compatible with many controllers on the market.
  • It is the perfect replacement for Neon tubes.


Neon Flex LEDs are widely used for:

Flex LED Neon


Neon LED strips are the perfect replacement for Neon tubes with all the advantages of LED lighting at your fingertips (Power, ability to adjust the lighting, RGB capacity …) and thanks to its IP68 capacity you can now also use it in your pool. 

The Neon Flex LED strips offer an excellent and novel constant illumination, without any point of light. Waterproof IP68 and easy installation are perfect for outdoor lighting, swimming pools or aquariums. This 5 Meter RGB LED Strip has a power of 14W/M and 12W/M in White, made of silicone providing more brightness and quality in the light.

Thanks to its standard RGBV+ system you will be able to use a multitude of controllers in the market, both WiFi systems and traditional remote control systems.

Tira LED IP68

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Flex LED Neon

All the advantages of Neon and LED in one product

Enjoy the incredible aesthetics of the classic neon tubes so valued for the decoration of facades and businesses, now in your home and with all the advantages of the most efficient LED technology. Its LED chip allows you to save more than 70% of energy compared to traditional neon tubes, eliminating virtually all the heat emitted by the latter as well as having the RGB advantages of LED. Thanks to its construction in pure neutral silicone allows a better distribution of light and RGB colors increasing efficiency.

  • Flexible: Its construction with super flexible materials allows to build any type of design with radii of up to 2 cm. Its installation and modeling is even simpler allowing to create letters, logos and drawings. The limit will be your imagination.  
  • Resistant: Neutral silicone provides extra protection against impact, vibrations, sun, salt water or chemicals as well as any other type of abuse without maintenance.
  • Easy installation and transport: Its simple installation will allow you to save on labor. Neon Flex strips are simply installed, just like an LED strip in a matter of minutes. It allows you to easily develop your design and even reuse it in another design or location without extra care or any additional machinery.
  • Ecological: Free of polluting gases such as lead or mercury, it is more environmentally friendly and perfect for indoor use.
  • Versatile: Easy to cut by the end user following the included manual, allowing you to create any type of design in a matter of seconds. It folds easily and allows you to create a multitude of shapes without any limit. All this with all the safety of a product that works at low voltage, with certificates CE, RoSH, IK08.
  • Durable: It has a useful life of up to 50,000 and thanks to the low heat emitted allows its operation in temperatures ranging from -40 º to 80 º C and a guarantee of 2 years.
Flex LED Neon
Flex LED Neon

Neon Flex LED Specifications

  • Number and type of LEDs: SMD4040 – 12W/M-White and 14W/M-RGB
  • Material: Silicone
  • Luminosity (Lm): 80
  • Certificates: CE, RoSH
  • Length: 5 meters
Flex LED Neón

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