Semi-industrial Chlorinators


  • High performance electrochlorinators for commercial or intensive use and medium capacity (community pools and hotels).
  • High-performance watertight power sources, without the need for forced ventilation.
  • Electronics in IP-65 insulated cabinet, in 316 stainless steel, without external air ventilation, highly resistant to corrosive atmospheres.
  • Electronic current control.
  • External control with 4-20 mA signal (Optional).
  • Fully programmable electronics with accessible operating record. 
  • Estimated electrode life: 20,000 hours. 
  • Easy navigation user interface through backlit LCD screen. 
  • Methacrylate electrode cassette for easy inspection. 
  • Self-cleaning cell easily accessible and low maintenance. 
  • Includes software and electronics for optional pH and ORP control. 
  • Flow rate switch.
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Technical Data

Clorador Semi-industriales
Clorador Semi-industriales
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