Silenp Pump

Bomba Silenp


Main features

  • Inverter
  • Rustproof ABS housing
  • Designed for the operation of 0℃
  • Gas R32/R410A
  • APP Wifi Control
  • EEV Technology
  • Automatic defrost by cycle inversion
  • Twisted titanium heat exchanger
  • Soft starter


SILENP adopts mature and stable DC INVERTER technology which is developed by our professional engineers who have more than 20 years of experience in heat pumps.

It varies the heating capacity by adjusting the compressor frequency and fan motor speed. By optimally adjusting the inverter system to control refrigerant (gas) flow, it consumes less current and power. The SILENP inverter has precise temperature control. When the pool temperature is approaching the set point, it heats the pools at a lower speed, offering greater efficiency (C.O.P.) and quieter operation.

Therefore, the SILENP DC inverter saves energy and is quieter than the traditional On/Off pool heat pump.


COP up to 11


Silenp will adjust the heating capacity according to the pool temperature. When running at 20%-25% speed, it reaches the highest COP11. The average-COP at 50% speed is 8.8 at Air27ºC/Water27ºC, 6.1 at Air15ºC/Water26ºC.

45% Energy Bill Reduction

The normal On/Off HP COP is around 5. With Silenp’s average-COP 8.8, it can assist you to reduce 45% energy bill comparing to On/Off HP.




Silent Operation

Thanks to Silenp’s stable DC inverter control system, DC inverter compressor and the optimized internal structure, Silenp runs very quietly which will provide you a comfortable heating environment. 

Bomba silenciosa, niño

Smart Wi-Fi APP

With smart Wi-Fi APP, you can see or control Silenp anywhere anytime.

Bomba Silenp WIFI

Main features


Gas R32 / R410A

SILENP can be applied with R32 or R410A gas.


EEV Technology

10 times more flexibility to adjust gas flow and increase COP up to 20%.

Twisted titanium exchanger

40% more efficiency than a normal titanium heat exchanger.


Hot gas defrosting

With Saginomiya 4-way valve for fast and efficient deforestation.


Wide Voltage

Self-adjusting to suit an unstable power supply, therefore, the voltage range can be 180~260V.


Soft starter

Starts from 0 Amps to nominal Amps constantly. There is no rush to house the electrical system.


0º ~ 43º

Designed for down to air 0º operation.


ABS Casing

Let it be lighter. It also prevents oxidation and the evident degradation of its components.