Inox Line


Inox Line

Steel AISI 316

Some of its advantages:

  1. Made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  2. Replaceable LED strip.
  3. Elegant and innovative design.
  4. Includes LED strip, power supply, and remote control.
  5. Available in two sizes.


Warmpool waterfalls are widely used for:

Gama Inox

Competitive Advantages

Decorate your pool, receive a pleasant massage and enjoy the pleasant sound of the water, all thanks to our waterfalls and massage cannons.

The steel cascades are integrated into your pool environment, creating sophisticated environments, available with or without LED lighting and if you add our massage cannons, they allow you to enjoy a spa experience in your own home. 

Rear water inlet. In this offer includes controller and transformer that will make you have an easy and comfortable use of your LED.

Product Images

Enjoy the design font that won't go unnoticed

Gama Inox
Gama Inox


  • Up to 8 colours to choose from!
    You have the option to change colors depending on the environment you want to achieve in your environment.
Gama Inox
Gama Inox



The steel cascades create distinctive environments in your pool, decorating your garden and creating prominence in your pool, enhanced also with its RGB LED system that allows you to create greater environments. 

Thanks to its discreet size it fits perfectly in small pools and gardens.

Gama Inox


The placement of a waterfall not only allows you to visually enjoy your pool, the sound of the water will make your garden more relaxing.

Relaxing with water massage on your back and enjoying your pool is now easier than ever.

Product Details

Gama Inox


  1. Product name: WP 0926
  2. Size: 2 sizes
  3. Material: INOX AISI 316 Satin.
  4. LED: 8 colors.
  5. Includes: Controller with remote control. And power supply.
Gama Inox
Modelo WP0926

Model Bridge Desing

Model Bridge Desing

There is a very elegant model, ideal for small rooms. 

This waterfall will make your environment more elegant, luxurious and relaxing.
Its measures are 40x60x30

  1. Product name: WP 0974
  2. Size: 40x60x30
  3. Material: INOX AISI 316 Satin.
  4. LED: 8 colors
  5. Includes: Controller with remote control. And power supply.
modelo bridge
Modelo WP 0974