LED Underwater Spot Lights

LED Underwater Lights

LED underwater lights, also called LED underwater spotlights, LED pond lights, pool lights, LED water lights or LED underwater lights and are made of 316 or 316L stainless steel (housing, screws, PG plugs, brackets) Cree and Edison LED, come without filler glue and three years warranty. LED underwater lights are widely used for fountains, pools, water shows, shopping malls, fish ponds, hotel pools, sea aquariums, underwater views of promenades, amusement parks, park lighting … Every place where there is water can have underwater lights.

Underwater LED lights with high power Cree LED. Working voltage of underwater LED lights: AC/DC12V or DC24V, Constant current driver, no flash, with quick response to end with excess current, use of safety measures. High quality 316 stainless steel fixings makes the underwater LED lights have a modern design. RGB DMX512 (1990 standard) and RDM system for waterproof glue-free LED underwater lights for housing filling, easy to replace and maintain.

To ensure high quality of LED underwater lights we use rubber cables or UL rubble cable. A cable with 5/7 wires. Beam angles to be chosen by the customer from 8°to 90°. Long life, up to 45000 hours. IP68 waterproof to ensure long life of the light under water.