Steel 316S

Some of its advantages:

  1. 316S stainless steel material.
  2. Non corrosive and good sealing, thinner than other lights, easy to install.
  3. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, long service life and safe use.


Warmpool spotlights are widely used for:

Pool Light
Pool Light

Competitive Advantages

  1. The design protects the lamp from burning from high heat.
  2. To comply with the European standard, waterproof cable is used and the connecting cable is fully protected by resin.
  3. The LED is driven by a constant current conductor which gives greater stability.
  4. High quality 316S stainless steel.
  5. Super bright LED, saving energy 80% of the incandescent bulb.
  6. No UV, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
  7. CE, RoHS, IP68 certified.

Product Images

Enjoy a brightly colored pool or spa



  • One colour only: White (natural white, warm white, cool white), Red, Green, Blue.
  • RGB changing color
Pool Light

Product Details


  1. Product Name: WP5303
  2. Size: Ф110*H79mm
  3. Material: 316S/S
  4. Type of LED: High power LED.
  5. LED Quantity: 3pcs
  6. Power: 3W / 9W
  7. Voltage: AC/DC 12V,AC/DC 24V, AC100-240V
  8. Degree of protection: IP68

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