Underwater LED spotlight 18W-100W

  • Product name: WPF210
  • Size: 190X190mm
  • Input voltage: AC12V
  • Power: 
    RGB: 18W-95W
    White: 21W-100W
  • LED color: RGB/White
  • Material: 316S
  • IP rate: IP68
  • Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Light source: LED


These LED lights are widely used for:

Pool Fibras


LED underwater lights also called LED underwater lights, LED fountain lights are widely used for fountains, pools, water shows, shopping malls, fish ponds, hotel pools, sea aquariums, underwater views of promenades, amusement parks, lighting in parks … Every place where there is water can have underwater lights.

Our LED underwater lights have a high performance light source – Cree3W high capacity LED light, and our LED lights have a stainless steel #316 housing. If you want to make your LED light shine in sea water, we can offer you the #316 stainless steel underwater LED light. Our company is IS0 9000 , CE and Rohs certified for LED underwater lights to provide high quality LED underwater lights.


Specifications of the 18W-100W bulbs

100% waterproof

The lamp is completely protected with a unique resin filling technique, with a water resistance level of IP68, giving the lamp a much longer life.


Product Images

Widely used for


Swimming pools

Water sources


Stainless steel frame

  • A316 stainless steel plate and support.
  • Acid and alkali resistant, can be used with salt water.
  • Diameter 23.6, fine and elegant

Constant current conduction

  • All LEDs have a constant brightness and color.
  • With protection against power surges, overloads and lightning.
  • High stability and long life.
  • Protection against high temperatures.

Characteristics of the 18W-100W spotlights

  • Manufactured with high quality, very bright LED lights
  • Acid-proof, alkali-proof and UV-resistant
  • Epoxy filled lamp giving 100% water resistance
  • Low power consumption, high stability
  • Ability to change to 16 different colors
  • Long life up to 60,000 hours
  • Easy to install, suitable for pools, fountains, etc.

RGB: 18W-95W

White: 21W-100W

Pool Fibras

16 color changes

  • A total of 16 colour change programmes are available.
  • You can change to see the next colour by pressing the on/off button.
  • Bright, flowery and attractive colours.
Pool Fibras

Several ways of installation

Suitable for all types of pools and spas

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