LED Fountain Lights 27W

  • Product name: WP-FT27W316X
  • Size: 160X36mm
  • Input voltage: DC24V or AC/DC12V
  • Power: 9*1W / 9*3W
  • LED color: Color only/RGB-DMX
  • Material: 316S
  • IP rate: IP68
  • Control model: DMX/self control
  • Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • LED source: High 1W/3W Cree/Edisson chip


These LED lights are widely used for:

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LED underwater lights also name LED underwater lamp, LED pool light, LED swimming pool light, LED fountain light, Fountain light, are widely used for pool fountains, swimming pool, water fountain shows, shopping malls, fish pond, aqua hotels pools, sea aquarium, seaside underwater, theme park, landscape lighting, all places with water can be with led underwater lights.

Our LED underwater light with high efficiency light source – Cree  3W high power led, and our LED underwater lights body are stainless steel #316. If you want to make the LED underwater light in seawater, we can offer you stainless steel #316 LED underwater light.

Our company have the IS0 9000 and our LED underwater light pass CE and Rohs certification in order to providing high quality LED underwater light.


Specifications of the 27W LED Fountain Lights


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Characteristics of the 27W LED Fountain Lights

  1. High efficiency light source, Edison 1W or 3W/pc high power led.
  2. Working Voltage:AC/DC12V or DC24V, Constant current driver, No flash, fast response to achieve over-current, use of safety.
  3. High quality 316stainless steel fixture with 316SS screws. Reasonable and modern design. Good structure for sending heat.
  4. One driver working low voltage power and DMX512 function.
  5. No waterproof glue to fill the light, easy maintain and replace freely.
  6. DMX512 controllable (1990 standard for DMX512)
  7. Rubber cable or UL rubble cable. One cable with 5wires/ 7wires.
  8. Waterproof IP. Underwater or outdoor used.
  9. Beam angle chosen by clients’ request, from 8°–90°.
  10. Long life, up to 50,000 hours.


  1. Product name: WP-FT27W316X
  2. Size: Ф160*H36mm
  3. Material: 316S + tempered glass
  4. Power: 27W
  5. Voltage: DC24V or AC/DC 12V
  6. Degree of protection: IP68